The First Church Built by the members of St. Paul in 1903

old-churchIn 1902, thirteen people under the leadership of Reverend Fred Brown met and began the St. Paul Misssionary Baptist Church.  Mr. J.R. Abney donated the land upon which our present church stands in 1903.In May 1903, our first Pastor, Reverend M.D. Mobley, preached the first sermon. The first song was “Go Preach My Gospel Said the Lord” led by Sister Mattie Clark.

Due to a fire St. Paul lost many of its records from churches archive, but we have persevered and rebuild since then. In October 1969, Reverend I.W. Hopkins became our Pastor and under his guidance, we built the education building, purchased a piano, rebuilt the sanctuary, purchased new pulpit and offering furniture, and organized the Gospel and Shining Glory Choirs. He served faithfully until his health failed him in 1999.

Reverend Bobby Derrick was our Pastor in 1999 through 2003 under his leadership the Sisterhood and Brotherhood Auxiliary was organized.

Reverend Melvin Searles Jr. served as Pastor from 2004 through 2009. He had one dedication, six baptisms and five restorations.

Reverend Stanley F. Price was installed on March 27, 2011. Reverend Price has faithfully ushered in the Holy Spirit with laughter and joy. He re instituted our weekly bible study to meet every Wednesday night. He along with his uncle, built and installed the new steeple onto our sanctuary. The St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church family welcomes the journey that our beloved Pastor and First Family is currently leading us under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The following Pastors have served as our leaders:

  • Reverend M.D. Mobley
  • Reverend Pinking
  • Reverend W.M. Peterson
  • Reverend A.B. Nickerson
  • Reverend Dillon
  • Reverend Bratterson
  • Reverend S.M. Halsey
  • Reverend C.B. Freeman
  • Reverend J. Gostman
  • Reverend R.B. Felton
  • Reverend I.W. Hopkins
  • Reverend Bobby Derrick
  • Reverend Melvin Searles Jr.
  • Reverend Stanley F. Price